Stocks Close Up with Strong Technology Sector Gains

The New York Stock Exchange closed in the green on Wednesday, aided by hopes of further talks on the US budget and oil stocks: the Dow Jones gained 0.25% and the Nasdaq 0.28%.

According to the final results, the Dow Jones Industrial Average index rose by 54.33 points and the Nasdaq, with strong technology sector, by 17.74 points. The S & P 500 expanded index gained 0.31%.

President Donald Trump and leaders of the Democratic opposition on Wednesday announced that they agreed to raise the US federal debt ceiling until December 15. But the key is that the signals are multiplying on the improvement of the situation in Europe and in the United States the figures are mixed but lean rather on the positive side.

In August, service activity rose to 55.3%, according to the purchasing managers index of the professional association ISM.

Certainly events such as Harvey or Irma hurricanes can have a negative impact on some industries, but they also have a positive impact on others such as the reconstruction or autos sector.

The Home Depot DIY store chain gained 2.37%.

The Dow Jones was also helped Wednesday by the growth of Chevron and ExxonMobil in the wake of rising oil prices listed in New York.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) dropped 1.97% to $ 13.77. The IT company announced on Tuesday evening better than expected results in the third quarter of its shifted but declining fiscal year, notably due to exceptional items.

The airlines were heckled. United Airlines (-1.26% to $ 60.33) lowered its quarterly forecast Wednesday due to disruptions caused by storm Harvey in its flights to and from the southeastern United States.

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