Will Facebook’s Stock Rise To $170 In Coming Years?

According to an eVestment report Facebook’s stock is now more popular than ever. It’s moved up from the 24rd most held stock in September 15 to the 16th most held in December 15. This tells a story in itself, as investors are happy to hold and institutions are accumulating like never before. The story is; Facebook stock price has a lot further to gain over the next few years.

Whilst other “social” stars fall out of favor (cough cough Twitter) Facebook’s innovation and continued development of its acclaimed advertising platform sets it apart from the “also rans”.

Video adverts are doing great, and other new formats are a hit with businesses, such as call now adverts for local page promotions. Which can only mean one thing, money is still rolling in.

User growth has been strong and this can only increase revenue over time. Because of this there are analysts calling for a $170 stock price for FB. Whilst this target may take some time, it’s not beyond the realms of possibility. Currently FB stands at $116, so that is quite a decent amount of upside if the calls are correct.

As you know, Facebook is a forward thinking company and we also think that MZ is cunningly worming his way into Chinese hearts.

He has been seen on high profile visits to the country in recent times, and will surely be looking to build some bridges to maybe one day open up an audience that will dwarf all others. So, long term (if that ever happens of course) it could be a complete game changer for the social network.

Either way, any strong retrace in the wider market will be seen as an entry opportunity for many.

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